As winter comes to an end, Grand County celebrates the arrival of spring and warmer days with the annual Winter Park Spring Splash and Bash! This year, the event features several activities that will take place starting in March and continue through April. Here are some of the things you can expect when attending the signature event this year!

What to Expect at the 2019 Winter Park Spring Splash and Bash

The Winter Park Spring Splash and Bash kicks off on March 30th at Winter Park Resort and continues until April 21st. Each weekend, Winter Park Resort will host an exciting event. Whether it’s an exhilarating outdoor activity or a lively party, you’re sure to have a blast.  

This year’s festivities feature classic favorites as well as many that are different from the 2018 Winter Park Spring Splash and Bash. They’ll include an uphill race, tropical party, live music, and even a duel.

The Weekend of March 30th

The Winter Park Spring Splash and Bash starts off with a challenge—the Uphill Battle! Set your heart racing and skin, splitboard or snowshoe your way to different checkpoints on the mountain as you climb your way to Sunspot. If that doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, don’t worry! There will be live music and plenty of family-friendly activities happening over the weekend.

The Weekend of April 6th

Winter Park Resort will host a party with a twist—push images of apres ski from your mind and replace them with visions of a beach party! Over the weekend, you’ll enjoy live music, tropical drinks, and fun festivities. More information will be released as the date gets closer, so be sure to check for updates at Winter Park Resort’s events page.

The Weekend of April 13th

Hold on to your hats: Winter Park Resort will be drawing upon its Wild West roots for inspiration during the annual High Noon Duel. There will even be live country music to complete the theme! More information about this weekend is to come.

The Weekend of April 20th

The Winter Park Spring Splash and Bash will go out with a bang on this final weekend! It’ll feature a throwback theme with a soundtrack provided by 80s with The Goonies, the annual Pond Skim, Easter family fun, and more. Stay tuned to Winter Park Resort’s website for more details.

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