REWP Market Update August 2020

Here we are in August 2020 and things are still crazy in the world including our micro real estate world in Grand County. Our staff and brokers are always gasping for air during the busy summer months and this pandemic summer is no different. Yesterday one of the...

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April 2020 Market Summary

As we continue down this road to the unknown, we still like to compare numbers for those of you who like to follow the statistics of the Grand County real estate market. In this newsletter, we want to share a comparison of the month of April versus a year to date...

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Do you really need to buy or sell?

Are you considering buying or selling real estate right now in Grand County, CO? Here are some things to contemplate whether the time is right for you.  "Do you really need to buy or sell?" Meaning is this a means to a primary home? Do you need the money from a sale...

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