What’s the most important room in your home? For many, the kitchen is the focal point of their home! The kitchen is where you cook, eat, drink, and socialize with friends and family. It’s fair to say that you can create many memories in your kitchen. Such an important space should look the part! If you need a complete kitchen remodel, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover four helpful tips for remodeling your kitchen 

Real Estate of Winter Park is dedicated to helping you find the perfect home. However, we know that even your favorite Winter Park listing might need some updating. Many homebuyers make the kitchen their first home remodeling project. Plan a kitchen renovation with the helpful tips below!  

Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen  

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s important to note that a kitchen remodel is one of the best home improvements to increase value. Here’s how you can boost your home’s aesthetic and value!  

1. Kitchen Design & Floorplan  

Complete kitchen remodels include updated floorplans! This is a great way to increase counter space, make room for a kitchen island, and optimize the space’s functionality. Experts suggest a “workstation” layout, which situates at least 15 inches of counter space around each major appliance. This is great for those who often have more than one cook in the kitchen! Or, you can opt for a “triangle” layout, which situates the refrigerator, stove, and sink in a three-point formation.  

2. Cabinets and Countertops  

Once you’ve decided on a layout, it’s time to choose cabinets and countertops. This is where you can add your personality and style preferences to your kitchen. Do you follow the current trend of a contemporary white kitchen, or opt for a warm, rustic space? Although the style is purely based on your preference, there are still many dos and don’ts of choosing cabinets and countertops 

Here are a couple of helpful tips: 

  • DO set a price cap. This will help you to easily narrow down your options! 
  • DON’T exclusively follow currents trends. This will make it harder to sell your home later if it’s outdated and unable to salvage without a complete remodel!  

3. Appliances  

Most people purchase new kitchen appliances during a remodel. With so many designs and styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide on large appliances! In today’s day and age, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel. It’s versatile, easy to clean, and has more longevity than other options. While stainless steel is a bit more expensive than white or black options, it’s what most home buyers are looking for, which makes it a worthy investment!  

4. Lighting 

Natural light is the ideal option for any space. However, this isn’t always an option for the kitchen. It’s important to have the right light fixtures in your kitchen for ambiance and practical purposes. A few safe bets are can lights, kitchen island lightings, and task lighting under the cabinets.  

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Is a kitchen that you can design yourself on your home buying checklistBe sure to use these tips for remodeling your kitchen to plan a renovation!  

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