Everyone knows quick fixes when getting ready to sell their home. Paint dirty or scuffed walls, fix leaky faucets, have the carpets cleaned, pressure wash the outside of your home, and maybe even paint that bright front door that was trying maybe a bit too hard to keep up with trends in years past. All of those fixer-upper home improvement projects are great and increase curb appeal, but you shouldn’t skip over the major home improvements to increase value. Often, these home improvement projects include remodels that boast new appliances, floors, and more. While these improvements may be daunting, they’re the best move for your long-game of selling. 

We understand that it’s hard to navigate these things alone! Real Estate of Winter Park has a professionally trained and deeply passionate team of real estate agents to counsel you every step of the way when you decide to sell your home. Oh, and homebuyers? We’ve got you covered, too. 

Top 3 Home Improvements to Increase Value 

A Mind-Blowing Kitchen

Interior designers and Pinterest-board experts alike agree on at least one thing, a beautiful kitchen is the pinnacle of a home. While people have different tastes in kitchen design like wood finishes and appliances, a minor kitchen remodel can have a major impact on the value of your home. Cost vs. Value Report 2019 estimates that in our Mountain Region, a minor kitchen remodel can up your home’s resale value by $17,439, while a major kitchen remodel can up your home’s resale value by $76,212. 

Some expert tips to keep in mind as you remodel your kitchen boil down to this, buyers want simplicity and convenience. This allows the buyer to put their spin on their newly-remodeled kitchen without having to do much of the major legwork. Some tips to keep in mind with a kitchen remodel are to keep paint and color palettes basic, install stainless steel appliances, choose granite countertops, and have easily-accessible pantry/storage systems. 

A Sleek Bathroom

It’s important to build up the gathering areas like the kitchen and living room, but it’s also equally as beneficial to make improvements to the more private areas. A bathroom remodel is a great way to increase the resale value of your home. Tile floors and a walk-in shower can make all the difference! How often do you search for-sale properties online and see a bathroom that looks like it should have been remodeled three owners ago? Lots of buyers want move-in ready material and an outdated bathroom might deter them from your home. For our area, the Cost vs. Value Report 2019 estimates a resale value of $11,985.  

Delight in the Details 

After you’ve made necessary major home improvements, focus on the details. Buyers know what they want in a home and will notice if yours is lacking. While you can’t meet everyone’s needs, some common themes we’ve found among home buyers are: 

  • Striking home exterior is just as important as what’s inside! After all, this is what might entice someone to come to your open house. Some suggestions include manufactured stone veneer, new or recently cleaned siding, and a freshly painted front door. Leave the unique colors for the buyers to decide!
  • Opt for energy-efficient options in your floor plan where you can!


At some point, you were, and probably still are, a home buyer! Think of things you would look for in a home and implement them where possible. 

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