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While it is undoubtedly a rewarding experience, a long day spent strapped into a pair of skis or the pedals of a mountain bike can leave you exhausted and sore. Before you head out and enjoy the slopes and trails of Winter Park again, a day off might be just what you need! Why not spend it at a spa? Whether you are looking for a great facial and hand scrub, or a deep tissue massage, there are plenty of Winter Park spas to choose from. Here are some of the best!

The Winter Park, CO, area offers many wonderful experiences, but you can only do so many of them on vacation. When you move to Winter Park, you can make these incredible experiences your lifestyle! So, get the ball rolling on your ideal life with Real Estate of Winter Park today!

Winter Park Spas to Relax Your Sore Muscles

Bella Vita

The R&R. The Bella Body Elixir. The Heaven and Earth. Names like that imply nothing but relaxation, and that’s just scratching the surface of the services that Bella Vita provides. The spa offers multiple massage packages, skin and facial treatment services, as well as an assortment of spa products that can be purchased. Visit their website for a full list of packages and products they offer!

Blue Sky Massage

Do you have a nagging pain that’s preventing you from making the most of your time outside? Maybe the lingering effects of an old injury that you can’t pinpoint? The therapists at Blue Sky Massage will be happy to help get you get back to feeling your best. They employ their various areas of expertise through their services, whether it’s a Hot Stone Massage or NeuroMuscular Therapy. Of course, if you just want a facial, then you should ask for the Blue Sky Signature Facial, or one of several other facial and skin services they provide. If a therapeutic respite is in order for you, contact Blue Sky today!

Alpenglow Massage

“Promoting Personal Wellness Through Relaxation” is Alpenglow’s tagline, and their services are catered towards meeting that goal. The Mountain Massage and Steep and Deep Massage are focused on releasing muscle tension, while the Throw In the Towel Massage and Aroma Journey Massage make use of essential oils to bring you the rejuvenating experience that you need. Visit Alpenglow and leave feeling rejuvenated!

Heavenly Body

Milk and honey body treatments, Couples Escape, and Facial Reflexology are just a few of the services that Heavenly Body provides for its customers! Owner Donna Shenk brings years of experience to the table, and she is a Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician. She previously worked at Winter Park Resort and the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Guests can rest assured knowing that they will be attended to by someone who understands the effects that sports can have on the human body. Treat yourself to a quality massage experience at Heavenly Body!

Make a Relaxing Lifestyle Switch

For all the excitement that Winter Park boasts, the town knows how to relax. Taking care of your body will afford you the opportunity to enjoy your day-to-day activities even more, and Winter Park spas are the perfect way to end (or start!) your day. You might not even want to leave! If that’s the case, contact the team at Real Estate of Winter Park about the beautiful properties in the area, and make Winter Park your home!