‘Tis the season to redecorate! Part of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is decorating for it. Whether you’re opening your home to an influx of family members for Christmas, or simply want to cozy up your space this season, it’s important to know the ins and outs of winter decorations for the home. Like anything, home decor styles and trends have evolved over the years. With so much else going on during this season, who has time to keep up with the current trends? That’s why we’ve put together this quick go-to guide for decorating your home this winter. Most of these suggestions are simple, and some are even DIY projects that you can finish up in an afternoon. We’ll even suggest ways to tastefully incorporate that family heirloom you might not want to display. 

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Cozy Up Your Space With Winter Decorations for the Home

Color Schemes for Winter Decor

Decorating for a particular season might seem limited. Traditionally, winter decor, especially Christmas decorations, boasts bright reds and greens. If that’s your jam, go for it! However, there are other, more modern ways to spice up your winter decor that incorporate neutral colors and natural elements. 

For example, when choosing string lights, opt for some warm whites. You can easily affix these types of lights to the insides of your windows or string them atop the mantle with some garland. No matter where you put them, you’ll enjoy their relaxing glow. 

Another way to incorporate natural elements into your winter decor is with faux fur. There’s a lot of faux fur options on the market from throw pillows to area rugs. Our personal favorite is the faux fur throw blanket! These blankets come in dark fur colors to maintain a rustic feel or in white for a modern look. They’re also perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate!

How to Make Christmas Decorations Tasteful 

A lot of traditional Christmas decorations simply don’t fit into the winter decoration trends of late. However, it’s possible to preserve tradition and keep up with popular styles. You know those white lights we discussed earlier? String those around your tree and adorn the bare spots with silver and gold ornaments for an elegant look that’s easy on the eyes. It gets cold here in the winter, so bring the outdoors to your common spaces by opting for fresh garland and displaying pine cones in large vases. One of our favorite ideas for winter decorations for the kitchen is to take all of your common baking supplies and pour them into mason jars! This way, you can display things like flour, sugar, and chocolate chips in a tasteful way. The easy access doesn’t hurt, either. 

Add These Winter Decor Ideas to Your New Home 

Celebrate Christmas in Winter Park with a new home. The only thing more exciting than shopping for winter decorations for the home is shopping for a new home to display them in! Real Estate of Winter Park has a wide variety of homes for everyone’s needs. There’s also no better time than winter to move to our area as winter sports, as well as festive events and activities, are in full swing. Start shopping for the gift of a lifetime when you browse our properties!

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