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Want comfort and relaxation that no hot tub can compete with, surrounded by stunning natural beauty? Look no further than Hot Sulphur Springs! The town of Hot Sulphur Springs is home to natural hot springs, heated by volcanic rock, deep below the earth’s surface. These springs make for an unforgettable, relaxing experience. Plus, the town of Hot Sulphur Springs features exciting outdoor activities and historical attractions!

Whether you’re looking for a mountain home or just for a fun weekend in the mountains, Real Estate of Winter Park has got you covered. From recommendations on things to do here to our expertise in real estate. You can rely on us!

What to Do and See in Hot Sulphur Springs

Located only 30 miles northwest of Winter Park, Hot Sulphur Springs is a small town and highly popular with tourists from the state and around the country. The town earned its name from the natural hot springs found there. Plus, the scenery surrounding the town makes the trip even more worthwhile, as the Colorado Scenic Byway runs near Hot Sulphur Springs. A day trip here is truly a rewarding experience!

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa is where you can find the renowned mineral hot springs. Featuring 21 outdoor hot spring pools, as well as hot rock massages and body treatments (among other services), the resort is the perfect place to treat your body. Picture yourself soaking up the water’s natural minerals on a sunny summer day. You can even try it in the winter! No matter the season or weather, the pools stay hot and soothing, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Combine that with a body massage or herbal wrap for the ultimate relaxation experience!

Other Great Things to Do

Of course, there’s more to do when visiting Hot Sulphur Springs. But, there’s no shame in spending your whole trip in a hot spring pool. Once you’re ready to dry off, head to the Pioneer Village Museum for an interesting step into the past. Explore the lives of the men and women who settled in Hot Sulphur Springs, see artifacts, pieces of local history, and more!

If you’re looking for a great place to camp, fish, or simply stretch your legs, visit Pioneer Park. No matter the time of year, there’s something to do here, from cross-country skiing to campfire sites, perfect for s’mores. 

Complete your day trip with a bite to eat before you get back on the road. Grab a cold treat at The Dairy Delight, conveniently located on Highway 40. Ice cream is great for any occasion, especially an exciting day trip!

Visit Hot Sulphur Springs Anytime

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