Spring has beautiful, blooming flowers; summer is known for long, sunny days; and winter has majestic snowstorms. But, when it comes to a palette of captivating colors, Autumn steals the show. As temperatures begin to drop and the year draws to an end, parts of the country experience the beauty of fall leaves changing colors. There are quite a few regions across the United States that boast an impressive display of autumn scenery, including the Centennial State. Read our guide to discover the best places to witness the fall foliage in Colorado. Then, browse our Summer Activities and Winter Activities pages to find out what it’s like to live in Grand County!

Beautiful Locations to Witness Fall Foliage in Colorado

Grand County

With Rocky Mountain National Park nearby, finding a scenic drive or hiking trail lined with autumn beauty is easy! According to Play Winter Park, the Yankee Doodle trail (one of the town’s many mountain bike trails) makes for a great hike. It features plenty of fall foliage, as well as an overlook of Winter Park and the Fraser Valley. If you’re biking, take the King of the Rockies trail from Winter Park Resort, or the easy Creekside Flume Loop in nearby Fraser. Of course, these are just a handful of the hundreds of miles of trails worth exploring.

Rocky Mountain National Park

An excursion to see the best fall foliage in Colorado wouldn’t be complete without a drive through the Rocky Mountain National Park on Trail Ridge Road. The highest paved road in the nation offers travelers stunning views of the park and the season’s foliage. Colorado.com notes that the road reaches an elevation of 12,183 feet with eight miles reaching above 11,000 feet. Just make sure to catch your breath when you take it all in.

Kenosha Pass

South of Winter Park is Kenosha Pass, a favorite place to witness Colorado fall foliage. Since it is located right by the highway, you have the easiest access to take pictures or simply enjoy the view. Witness perfect, picturesque scenery by simply parking your car and stepping out!

Colorado Beauty, Year-Round in Winter Park

Tucked away in the mountains west of Denver, Winter Park is home to stunning scenery, no matter the season. But it’s not all about the views here, because there’s quite a lot happening in this beautiful mountains resort town. Some of the nation’s best skiing and mountain biking, music festivals, and more can be found in the area. The team at Real Estate of Winter Park knows just how great life is here, and would for you to experience it, too. Why settle for a vacation when you can live here? Real Estate of Winter Park will help you find the perfect home in Winter Park and Grand County.

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