In the last few years, Colorado has seen an influx of people moving to the state. With the majestic mountains, an abundance of outdoor activities, and booming economy, it’s easy to see why so many people are interested in relocating. If you’re considering a move, there are some essential things you should know before buying a house in Colorado. To ensure that our buyers are making informed decisions, Real Estate of Winter Park has put together this guide to the area’s real estate.

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Valuable Information on Buying a House in Colorado

Having a clear understanding of Colorado real estate trends is vital when thinking about purchasing a home. After you’ve familiarized yourself with this information, there are some additional factors to consider. Because state laws differ significantly, there are several legal processes you will need to undergo. Additionally, Colorado’s unique climate requires extra precautions and different systems that some people may not be accustomed to.

Laws and Regulations

Colorado is one of several states that allows real estate brokers to offer their customers rebates. This benefit is helpful for consumers because it can save you money or cut costs in other parts of the moving process. Brokers may offer rebates in the form of cash, gift certificates for moving services, or closing cost payments.

In Colorado, it’s mandatory for real estate agents to use standardized forms created by attorneys. Lawyers review and rewrite these contracts each year or two to reflect changes in federal and state laws. This policy is beneficial for consumers because these contracts are some of the most thorough real estate forms.

Out-of-state homeowners who decide to sell their property must pay a 2% withholding fee to the state if they have made a profit from the sale of the home. If the homeowner proves that they have not made a profit, owned a registered business in Colorado, or lived primarily in Colorado in the past two years, the fee may be waved.

Septic Systems

Throughout Colorado, and especially Grand County, many homes use a septic system instead of a public sewer. Caring for a septic system is very different than a traditional sewer, so it’s important to have an inspection done before purchasing a home with a septic tank. This type of system is easily damaged if not properly tended to and expensive to fix, so be sure to learn proper care techniques before purchasing a home with a septic system. 

Weather-Related Concerns

Though many people find icicles pretty, they can be dangerous when hanging from the roof, so be sure to clear them off in spots near walkways and porches.

People looking to purchase a vacation home should be aware that they must keep the property’s heat at an appropriate level in the winter to avoid issues from pipes bursting or freezing, which causes extensive damage.

Even in the first few weeks of summer, nighttime temperatures can still drop below freezing because of the high elevation. If you plan to plant anything outdoors, you should wait until at least mid-June. Be sure to take any hanging plants inside at night until temperatures warm.

In Grand County, there is a minimum roof snow load of 95 lbs. It’s important to check this information with the building department before constructing a home, garage, or shed.

Adding heat tape to your room helps prevent snow from piling up.

Other Facts:

There is no USPS home mail delivery service, so you must get a PO Box if you’d like to receive USPS mail. Both FedEx and UPS deliver to home addresses.

In Grand County, people typically refer to their subdivision rather than an address. Most streets and roads are listed as GCR, which stands for Grand County Road.

In certain areas of Grand County, you may snowmobile or drive off-road vehicles on public roads. A list of which streets permit these vehicles can be found on the county website. This may be an important factor to consider before purchasing a home.

Relocate to Grand County! 

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