Winter Park resort in the spring


  • Sarah Ryan

    Operations Manager

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    Sarah has always loved Grand County. Since she grew up here it made sense that once she was ready to settle down it was the only place she could ever imagine calling home. After spending a few years in property management and development she found her true passion in the world of real estate and has never looked back. Enjoying the simple things in life is important, so, Sarah makes sure she takes time for a few of her favorite activities such as hockey, camping, going for a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park or having a picnic on the shores of Grand Lake with her family. Sarah also tries to give back to the community that she loves by volunteering as often as she can. Her philosophy in life is that it is an adventure; what better place to have that adventure than Winter Park?

  • Karissa Gagnon

    Marketing Manager

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    Originally from Minnesota, I received my BA in English at NDSU in 2001. Just two days after graduation and 16 hours in the car, I arrived in Winter Park. I started marketing Real Estate of Winter Park before their doors were even open in 2008. For years after, I worked for REWP on a contract basis outside of the office, but as of April 2014, you can find me in the office most days. My husband and I enjoy everything this area has to offer with our two kids and two dogs.

  • Skylar Marshall

    Support Staff

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    I was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado. I always loved being outside; whether that was camping, hiking, or taking care of my goats, I wanted to be outside. In high school I played basketball and soccer, as well as coaching youth sports. Once I graduated high school, I went to college at Trinity International University, a private school in the suburbs of Chicago where I continued my basketball career and got my Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design. When all that was said and done, I had to come back to Colorado. I moved to Winter Park in the spring of 2017, and couldn’t be happier to start this new chapter. I enjoy open water swimming, triathlons, hiking, camping, and can’t wait to get into snow sports!

  • Patty Peters

    Licensed Assistant for Jean Wolter and Shanna Lalley

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    Patty has over 15 years of customer service experience and a very diverse background. In her twenties she fell in love with the ocean and was fortunate to have held her 100 Ton Captains license on long range fishing, diving and tour vessels in the Pacific including San Diego CA, Baja Mexico, and the Hawaiian Islands.

    This journey opened up many other opportunities along the way including work on high end yachts in the Bahamas, educating at Sea World, entry level aquarist at Sea Life Park in Hawaii, entry level Vet Tech at a local veterinary office in Kona Hawaii and many other ventures in between. Ready to settle down she came back to her home town roots and found REWP.

  • Morgan Keeler

    Licensed Assistant to Katie Riemenschneider

    Phone 970.726.2920

    Fax 970.726.2616


    Morgan is a native Floridian, who moved to Colorado in 2008. She not only fell in love with the mountains, but also with her now husband, John, who is a long time Grand County resident; so she decided to make it her home too. Morgan loves the changing seasons and all the different activities that are possible year round. She enjoys sailing, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, reading, and watching movies.

    Morgan has been employed with Katie Riemenschneider since December of 2014. She is new to the world of real estate, and looks forward to making it a life-long career.

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