The Winter Park Resort closes April 18th.  Another year gone by — marking my 20th year as a season pass holder at Winter Park/Mary Jane! Some years were better than others. Some years I skied more total days, some years I skied more powder days, some years I broke bones…..but in the end, they were all good years. What disappoints me every year, about this time, is the color of my skin – pasty white from the neck down! Not even my hands are tan. I’m searching for a cheap cure to this infliction, but the only potential cure I can come up with is unemployment. In my younger days, I had time to head over to Moab or Fruita, UT for a few days of biking in the sun and color regeneration. No time for that anymore. Winter Park’s elevation is 9,000 ft, in the low spots. You would think this might signal your body to “hold it’s tan” longer as a form of protection. But apparently, the skin likes to imitate the color of snow if given no other choice. I guess I put this out there, not as a plea, but as a warning to all walking the streets in Winter Park come May/June…keep your sunglasses on and your eyes focused above the neck.