The readers have voted and SKI Magazine’s Ski Resort Rankings for 2010-2011 are in with Winter Park moving up one spot to number 22.

Here is what SKI Magazine had to say about the Winter Park and Mary Jane ski area:

We’re surprised: After all Winter Park has gone through, with a cool new village and four new lifts—six years and $40 million later—it only moved up one spot this year. No matter. We know it’ll take time for readers to realize there’s now more to this place than 3,078 acres of sweet terrain. (Like restaurants, ski shops, an ice-skating rink, a sledding hill and a brewpub.)

The terrain, though, continues to stand on its own; it has always been enough to keep this Denver-local hill in the top 25. “Mary Jane has the best bumps in North America,” raves a reader. Indeed, The Jane enjoys scores of passionate devotees who hit Railbender, Derailer and Drunken Frenchman, then eat lunch and blast music in the parking lot.

But the resort is attracting new disciples for its side-country terrain: “The Vasquez Cirque and Parsenn Backside are my special happy places,” says a reader. If you can get to them—“tough to get from one mountain to another” is a common refrain. And despite the new village, readers complain that the base still lacks what the bigger, more luxurious resorts offer: “No superb restaurants or retail,” a reader says. However, others enjoy this nightly serenity. Next year, thanks to several new restaurants moving in, we predict Winter Park evenings will be a bit less serene—and a lot more fun. —K.B.

What’s New: A new high-end private lesson center in the Discovery building, with concierge, bootfitting and video analysis services.

Mandatory Run: Outhouse. If you can ski this, you’re ready for The Jane.

Don’t Miss: Dinner at the Sunspot, WP’s summit restaurant. Take a gondola up as the sun sets over the Continental Divide, ride back down under the stars.

Check out the full SKI Magazine Resort Rankings and experience for yourself this down-to-earth resort that has some serious skiing!