When warmer weather rolls around, the trails near Winter Park are a prime spot for some of the nation’s best mountain biking, both for cross-country and downhill bikers. While you’re waiting for the snow to melt, check out our list of the 10 best Winter Park mountain biking trails!

The summertime in Winter Park brings with it an array of great things to do outdoors. So, whether you’re planning a trip or live here year-round, you should learn more about our favorite summer activities aside from the excellent Winter Park mountain biking trail.

Top Winter Park Mountain Biking Trails for Your Adventure

Mountain Bike Capital Weekend

Known as the Mountain Bike Capital, Winter Park boasts more than 600 miles of trails and two downhill parks. Every year, the town hosts a special Mountain Bike Capital Weekend, this year taking place from Friday, June 22, 2018, to Sunday, June 24, 2018. Throughout the weekend, attendees can participate in clinics with professional cyclists, watch competitions, and more.


Twisting and turning through 8.7 miles of trails, you’ll discover the perfect combination of challenge and distance at Idlewild. Expect to climb over 1,400 feet while tackling this cross-country ride.

Tipperary Creek Bike Trail

An extremely difficult course, the Tipperary Creek Bike Trail was named one of the top five trails in the world by Velonews. With a distance of 29.6 miles and elevation of more than 4,386 feet, this route is very challenging and only highly skilled riders should attempt to navigate it.

Fraser River Trail

If you’re new to mountain biking or would prefer an easy cruise, then the Fraser River Trail is the path for you. This reasonable 5.5-mile route guides you through Winter Park’s beautiful, natural landscape.

Jones Pass to Herman’s Gulch

While this trail is known for unparalleled views, it is rated “extremely difficult” by bikers. With that in mind, Jones Pass to Herman’s Gulch is a ten-mile singletrack, perfect for experienced cross-country riders.

South Fork Loop

A great choice for inexperienced cross-country riders, South Fork Loop gives its wheeled patrons a taste of singletrack riding without the intensity of a black diamond-rated trail. The loop is 2.8 miles long.

Grand Granby Ranch Loop

Measuring just over 10.8 miles, the Grand Granby Ranch Loop is one of the area’s more challenging cross-country outings, reaching an elevation of more than 9,200 feet at its highest point. With a 1,620-foot elevation change and many turns, this route is one of the area’s more popular rides.

Winter Park Northwest Loop

Spanning 10.2 miles and climbing more than 9,500 feet, the Winter Park Northwest Loop offers new cross country riders a chance to move past easier trails for a bigger challenge. This course crosses paths with many other trails along the way.

Trestle Downhill

Another Trestle Bike Park downhill biking trail, Trestle Downhill is only 1.4 miles long. However, don’t let its minimal length fool you—this trail is rated double black diamond.


Fourteen miles of singletrack riding, Rendezvous is a speedy cross-country course built for riders who crave speed. Plenty of twists and turns make this trail an exciting addition to Winter Park mountain biking’s Epic Singletrack race series.

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