On March 14th, the Winter Park Express ski train will be resurrected in celebration of Winter Park Resort’s 75th anniversary.  The event announced on February 25th sold out at 400 seats in less than 12 hours.  Adult fairs for the round trip cost $75 and included a  $15 gift voucher for the resort.

Previously, the ski train was in operation for 69 years and went dormant in 2009 after 69 years of service.  Not by Intrawest’s choice, but due to a dispute between Amtrak and Iowa Pacific Holdings LLC.  The ski train departed from Denver’s Union Station and offered direct service to Winter Park’s ski slopes.

The ski train is hugely missed and was a unique aspect to our community.  According to a news article in the Sky-Hi Daily News in December of 2009, the ski train brought 24,000 visitors to the Winter Park Resort during the 2008/2009 season.

Amtrak is closely monitoring the success of the March 14th event to evaluate future service needs to our area.  Marc Magliari, and Amtrak spokesman stated, “We’re going to closely look at how this excursion train performs and evaluate what could be done next season”.

With I-70 traffic increasing substantially who wouldn’t want to hop on the ski train and enjoy a relaxing trip to one of Colorado’s first skiing locations, Winter Park Resort!  We are keeping our fingers crossed!