According to Home Gain’s annual survey there are a few easy and inexpensive ways a seller can make their property resale value increase. The marketing company surveyed Real Estate professionals to find which do-it yourself projects gave sellers the biggest increase home’s value.  Below are the top six projects that made the list.

  • Clean, Clean, Clean and Declutter… Remove personal items, clean counters of clutter, clean and organize closets, clean smudges or marks on walls.
  • Brightening… Clean windows in and out, replace bulbs, update light fixtures, and remove anything that blocks natural light.
  • Staging… Add new accessories and furnishings to update rooms, rearrange furniture, play music, or turn on a gas fireplace.
  • Exterior Enhancements… Trim hedges and shrubs, add bark mulch, remove anything that looks old or worn, ensure plants and grass are well cared, mowed, and trimmed.
  • Repair Plumbing and Electrical… Fix leaks, and ensure all plumbing is in good working condition.  Repair electrical and fix any lights or outlets that don’t work.
  • Replace or Shampoo Dirty Rugs or Carpet… Clean or replace worn carpet, fix floor creaks.

For a small investment in time, money and effort you can remove these distractions to prospective buyers.