I realize that there is a lot of information out there on the web that potential buyers and sellers can use to do their research for real estate transactions and Winter Park Realtors.  The two big players, that shall remain unnamed, would like to convince you that they are the experts in the real estate world.  The reality is that they only have that information because we, the real estate professionals, allow them to use our listing data.  They pull that data in to their sites but that is as far as that goes.  There is no follow-up on whether or not the property has sold, the listing has expired or cancelled, etc.  That said, there is a lot of misinformation out there, not just information.

Real Estate of Winter Park Realtors are dedicated to clients, agents and the community of Winter Park and the surrounding area.  This area is a resort community, located near the base of the Winter Park Resort at the southern end of Grand County, Colorado.  At the northern end of the county is Rocky Mountain National Park.  The entire county has become known for its skiing, large lakes, outdoor recreation, ranches and incredible vistas.  By knowing that our County represents both the ski industry and ranches along with everything in between, you get a sense of the vast diversity of the geography alone.  Add to that the differences in pricing, access to water, maintained roads, utility lines, etc. and you will easily be overwhelmed by the lack of clarity of the online information.

Real Estate of Winter Park has eight owners, with over 150 years of combined real estate experience.  We have an additional 8 broker associates with similar experience.  We have two full-time staff members and one part-time advertising executive that help us keep everything running smoothly.  Our annual budget for advertising alone is well over $200,000 each year.  We contribute money to many local charities and causes, our favorite being the Blues Festival.  We have a client appreciation party on the Friday prior to the event, with an opportunity to win tickets to the festival.  This year, our party is on June 27th and the Blues Festival runs on the 28th and 29th.  Come join us!  If I do say so myself, we are an amazing company rich with fun, experienced brokers who would love the opportunity to help you sift through the quagmire of real estate information.