So you’re planning a trip to Colorado, but you’re not sure where to go. Don’t worry – there are more than a few things that make our state special, and for first-time visitors, it can be overwhelming when choosing what to do and where to go. Attractions like Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver, and Garden of the Gods draw people from across the country and the globe annually. Call us biased, but we know a place that offers convenient access to the some of the state’s most popular destinations, endless opportunities for outdoor fun, and incredible scenery: the town of Winter Park, CO. Located in Grand County, Winter Park provides residents and guests alike with resort amenities and an inviting atmosphere. If you’re heading to The Centennial State, Winter Park deserves a spot on your itinerary, and we’ll show you why.

Rocky Mountain Charm in the Town of Winter Park, CO

Not to be mistaken with the Florida city of the same name, Winter Park, CO is a small resort town, nestled in the Colorado Rockies. No matter the season, you’ll find plenty of things to do, from world-class skiing and mountain bike trails to music festivals and delicious dining. Hit the slopes at Winter Park Resort, attend annual events like the Blues From the Top music festival, or grab a beer at Hideaway Park Brewery – there’s something here for everyone.

Location, Location, Location…

Located in Grand County just 66 miles west of Denver and an hour south of the Grand Lake entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, Winter Park’s location is one of its best features. City life and National Park beauty are just a day trip away! Of course, Grand County itself offers plenty to do within minutes of Winter Park. Stay in town or venture out and explore the area – it’s up to you!

Outdoor Fun, Year Round

While the town of Winter Park, CO is small (just under 1,000), it offers the type of fun that you would expect to find in much larger cities. Winter Park Resort is one of the nation’s best ski resorts, featuring slopes for riders of all skill levels, as well as great annual events. Skiing alone is one our town’s biggest draws, but it’s far from the only one. Winter Park holds the title of “Mountain Bike Capital USA,” both downhill and cross country riders will find hundreds of miles of excellent trails. Hiking, horseback riding trails, and white water rafting spots are all in abundance here! Plus, Byers Peak and the Vasquez Peak Wilderness are nearby. In the summer, Winter Park comes alive with the sound of live music, including High-Note Thursdays, Winter Park Music Festival, Winter Park Jazz Festival, and more.

Picture Yourself in Winter Park

Visiting the town of Winter Park, CO is great, but living is here is even better. It’s not hard, either! The team at Real Estate of Winter Park would love to help you find the perfect house, townhome, or condo here in Winter Park. We know and love the area, and would be thrilled for you to join us here. No how matter how big or small of a property you’re in the market for, Real Estate of Winter Park has a home you. Contact us today, online or by calling (970) 726-2600, and we’ll show what makes life in the mountains so unique.