So you love the mountains and want to be a part of the lifestyle? Tired of driving up for the day, weekend or week, and dragging up all your stuff just to turn around and head back home?  Now that you have decided a buy a property in Winter Park or some other gorgeous place in Grand County, follow these tips to get moving in an active market and not miss out!

Smart tip #1: Start looking right now
If you haven’t already, start looking at a variety of properties now.  You want to get an idea of what you want, what you can afford, and where you want to be.  Since we are in a very healthy market, it will be to your advantage having some knowledge on what you can get for your dollar.

Smart tip #2: Get pre-approved
In active markets, you may need to move quickly and put an offer.  Sending over an offer with your pre-approval will make the seller and listing agent know you are serious.  Also this may put you at ease knowing you have done some ground work before moving forward.

Smart tip #3: Hire a realtor
Realtors are educated and experts in real estate.  When you work with a realtor, you will have someone who can help you make sense of the contracts, forms, and disclosures.  We have intimate knowledge of neighborhoods and are “in the know” of what is happening in our market.  You will feel confident that you have a personal advocate who can find what you want without wasting your time, energy or money.  Purchasing a property usually requires the work from a myriad of people.  A realtor will have solid connections with lenders, inspectors, handy-people, lawyers, rental companies, cleaning companies, and the list goes on!

Once you have all 3 of these tips under your belt, you are ready to find your perfect home to enjoy the majesty of Grand County!