Exploring the outdoors is as easy as looking up at the night sky. Unlike a lot of Colorado’s outdoor activities, this requires no fancy gear, no physical exertion, and no adrenaline. Stargazing in Colorado is the best, most relaxing way to appreciate our area’s natural beauty. Unplug from the stresses of everyday life as you gaze up at the pitch-black night sky, cast with purple hues and sprinkled with bright constellations. Marvel at the wonder of the universe at the five spots below for an evening away from the city lights. 

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Top 4 Spots for Stargazing in Colorado 

Garden of the Gods 

Garden of the Gods Park is a 1,300-acre park located in Colorado Springs, CO. The park is comprised of hiking and biking trails that wind up and around the sandstone red rock formations. While there are so many ways to explore this park during the day, visit at night for uninterrupted views of the night sky. Here, you can catch a glimpse of the summit of Pikes Peak that’s illuminated by the snow-cover. 

Smokey Jack Observatory 

Smokey Jack Observatory is located in Colorado’s first International Dark Sky Park. Asit’s title as a Dark Sky Park indicates, this area lends itself to beautiful views of the night sky without any fancy technology. However, this on-site observatory takes stargazing to the next level with its state-of-the-art telescope. 

Experience the night sky like never before at their star parties and events. Most star parties are open to the public and each has its own theme. Tickets are required for some of the observatory’s other stargazing events like their photography workshops. 

Red Rocks State Park 

Red Rocks State Park is located just beyond the city lights of Denver in Morrison, CO. It was previously listed as one of the geological wonders of the world and for good reason! This distinctive Colorado state park is home to a network of hiking biking trails, an award-winning amphitheater, and incredible stargazing. The park’s vastness makes it an ideal spot for stargazing near the city. For the best experience with minimal light pollution, be sure to visit when there aren’t any shows happening. 

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park 

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is one of Colorado’s best national parks. This park has earned its notoriety with some of the nation’s oldest rock formations and its title as an International Dark Sky Park. Its designation as a Dark Sky Park means that it functions as both a stargazing area and an education hub for astronomy. 

Gaze in Awe at Your New Home in Winter Park, CO 

The aforementioned spots for stargazing in Colorado are peppered throughout our great state. Stargazing at any of these sites is a great itinerary item for a weekend or day trip away from home. 

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