Sledding can be an extreme sport these days.  Try sailing down an icy sl152-5237_IMGope on a toboggan with your four best friends up at Berthoud Pass and avoid landing in the parking lot or the highway.  It’s an incredible feat if you can pull it off without killing yourself and/or getting arrested (since it’s not really a legal activity anymore on the Pass).  If you’re more conservative and willing to spend a few bucks, check out the Fraser Tubing Hill or its new competition, the Colorado Adventure Park.  Both of these Fraser Valley Parkway venues offer day and night tubing – still not for the faint of heart.  Your lungs will be spared as you can catch a tow up the hill but the cruise down will take your breath away.

If you’re looking for a more mellow sledding experience or have youngsters that you don’t feel comfortable throwing inside an inner tube and shushing down the hill, try the new and improved Hideaway Park in downtown Winter Park.  This great amenity of our fair town is home to a playground, skate park and lush mountain amphitheater in the summer.  But in the winter, the green grass becomes a snowy “bowl” which is perfect for sledding at a more moderate pace.  There are fire pits to warm your tootsies if needed, bathrooms on site and there is a handful of plastic sleds that the town donated to the venue.  There are even some rail slides if you start to feel the need for more extreme action.

Back to extreme……. Henry, my 15 month old prefers to sled alone.