Just 6-12 months ago, getting a call back from a contractor to do a small job was almost as impossible as predicting Britney’s Spears weight. But, those days are gone….call any contractor and they are sure to get back to you within hours.

There are some great contractors in the Winter Park/Grand County area and they are open for business again.

Even better news — the cost to get your property back to new is much more competitive. Both labor and materials are a better value. Contractors are competitively bidding jobs and scheduling work quickly. Many of the homes in the Winter Park and Grand County area are now 10-20+ years old. It is time for needed replacement & repair of several critical aspects of your home…..siding, roofing, decking, updating kitchens & baths ,etc…..

The products/materials that have come available over the past 10-20 years are far superior in many ways to the original products put into your home. There are also many new “green products” that not only refresh the look of a home, but help our World. So, invest in your home while costs are down. It will keep your home safe, keep the value competitive in the market and probably add a little enjoyment to your day to day living.

Log onto Real Estate of Winter Park for a list of local contractors, pick up the yellow pages or give us a call.