So it’s been snowing up here in Winter Park/Fraser for the last 24 hours and the flakes continue to fall.  They are big, fat, heavy wet snowflakes that we dream about skiing before the sun comes out and turns them into cement.

But wait…the Winter Park ski area is closed for the season!  What to do??? A somewhat reliable source (one of the crazy owners of REWP) decided to drive to Denver and said there was a foot and a half at the top of Berthoud Pass.  Time to strap on the skins and go for a backcountry ski!

Don’t forget to check the avalanche report though…I don’t want to be blamed for giving bad advice.   You may or may not find a current report though since all the forecasters are probably on the beach somewhere.

Otherwise, hunker down and know that every little bit of snow creates more run off for the rivers.  Maybe it’s time to get out your boat and get ready for some spring time adventures up here in the mountains!  I, however, will be enjoying some mucky puddle play with my two and a half year old this weekend.  Oh boy!