Man’s Best Friend………..


Yesterday, Feb.07, 2010, Super Bowl game day, I watched another Super Bowl for the first time, though it has been on three consecutive years. One hour before the football game, Puppy Bowl was on. It was great if you are a dog/pet lover.


In short, it was very interesting for me in reading about ‘man’s best friend’ and how it all evolved. Scientists have found wolf bones and human bones together, estimating to be 400,000 years ago.


Early humans used wolves as a food source, and eventually wolves used humans as their food source, eating at the humans garbage dumps. As time went on, wolves and the human started to move closer together. Both had something in common: a leader, cooperation amongst their own, and work together to protect members of their groups/packs.


As the wolves and humans started to move closer together, the bonding of the wolfpack and human tribe supported each other. The wolf’s keen sense of smell helped alert the humans where the prey was located. The hunt over, the humans had consumed their food source and the leftover was for the wolves to feed on. Eventually, the human accepted the gentler wolves as part of their group.. When new puppies were born, the humans choose the gentler and trainable puppies to raise for their own. They favored the most copperative wolf-pal behavior with a puppy-like appearance (as we do so much today when we first see the new-born pups) in an adult wolf, encouraging them to stay around.


Next time, I will continue with how the humans replaced nature’s selection process with a man-made one……..