Real Estate of Winter Park is a proud supporter of the “Grand Bag Project”, a collaborative effort of 28 Mountain Resort Towns throughout the West to reduce the consumption of single use disposable shopping bags. This is a friendly competition to encourage the use of reusable shopping bags.

The contest runs from March 1, 2009, through August 31, 2009. Participating retailers are keeping a tally each time a shopper waives the use of a plastic bag. The town that records the least per capita use of plastic bag, during the 6 month period, wins a $5000 grant, donated by Alpine bank, to go towards a solar panel system for a public school of their choice. The second place town gets a $1000 grant, donated by Safeway.

So remember when you shop to bring your reusable bags! Don’t have one? Stop by Real Estate of Winter Park, tell them you read this blog, and we’ll give you one absolutely FREE!