There is only one month left in the CAST, (Colorado Association of Ski Towns), Kick your Bag Habit Contest, an effort to reduce the use of Plastic Bags in Mountain Communities.
The towns of Granby, Fraser and Winter Park, currently in third place, are making a valiant effort and have reduced the use of plastic bags by 90,000 units since the contest inception March 1, 2009.
Now is the time, with one month to go, to step up awareness and encourage everyone to use reusable bags. When you shop at City Market or Safeway and use reusable bags make sure you get credit for the number of bags used on your receipt.
Several other businesses are taking part in the contest and are tallying the use of reusable bags.  When you frequent a retailer with the Kick the Bag Habit poster in their window verify that they are tallying the number of plastic bags they saved.
Speak to everyone you know and remind them to carry their reusable bags everywhere they go.  Encourage them to keep a stash in their cars. Need more reusable bags? Stop by Real Estate of Winter Park and say you read this blog. We’ll be happy to give you one.