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It’s that time of year when it is not uncommon to see multiple people in one day with fire engine red noses and cheeks and white eyes and foreheads!!  Don’t forget your sunscreen when you are out enjoying  Spring time in the Winter Park area.

At higher altitudes, the sun rays are not filtered as well by the atmosphere. The result is cooler temperatures, combined with increased light intensity. The combination is deceptive, and potentially dangerous.  You can get yourself in real trouble, which can ruin your vacation!

The town of Winter Park sits at an elevation of 9,110 feet.  At it’s highest, which is at the top of Parsenn Bowl at Winter Park Resort, the elevation is 12,060.

Another surprising fact to most people up here is, you can get sunburned in the shade. There is enough reflected light, that even sitting in a shaded area, sensitive skin can sunburn.

Please take this warning seriously, and apply sunscreen to avoid a burn, even if you are planning on wearing a sun hat or staying in the shade, because the light really can be that intense, and………….DON’T FORGET TO REAPPLY!!!!