Every time I travel with my dogs, I am always looking for great dogs trails.  So I thought I would share some of my favorite ones in the Winter Park, Colorado area.  What makes a good dog trail?  For me it has got to have water available, and some shade and not be too busy with bikers and hikers.  And it can’t be too close to a road and has to be easy to get to.  See the Dogs Trail Map.

1. Fraser River Trail – goes from Fraser to Winter Park and follows the Fraser River.  You can park at Safeway (left side of the building) or by Rendezvous (just across the bridge on the left) or in Winter Park (by Hernandos or the new camping ground or at Hi Country Haus (by the ponds)).  It’s about 1.5+ miles long.  The only downside is that it can be very busy on the weekends, and there are some blind corners that may cause a problem with bikers.  There are plenty of picnic tables, a few trash cans and doggie bags at both ends of the trail.  And some great views, too.

2. Grand Park Trail – Loops around Grand Park, by the Rec Center.  It is best to park by the Rec Center.  It is about a 2.3 mile loop with a few ponds and water canals.  Doggie bags available and there are trash cans by the gas station.  FYI, the ponds have signs that say “for the use of Grand Park owners and guests only.”  Usually don’t see many people on this trail – it is fairly new.  Part of the trail is along a dirt road and then turns to a paved path along the Grand Park neighborhood.  You also have to be careful when walking close to the highway.  There is a wood fence that separates you from the highway, but there are a couple openings (for wildlife) that your dog could get thru.  The paved path is on the other side of this fence.  I usually don’t walk on the paved path just because there is a lot of bike, skateboard, etc traffic.   Maybe when my dogs are older they will be alright walking on the paved path.  (See the photo I took this morning).

3. Rendezvous Trails – the Rendezvous neighborhood has a great trail system throughout their neighborhood that also connect to the trails in the National Forest.  Check out the Rendezvous Trail Map.  You can access from the same spot you park for the Fraser River Trail (cross the bridge at the entrance and park on the left).  But instead of following the Fraser River Trail, go up to the left of the St. Mary Statue to access the Chickadee Trail and the Bench Trail. The only thing that I don’t like about these trails is that water is not guaranteed so I have to pack it in.  If you need a doggie bag, grab one by the Fraser River Trail.