Although it may be hard for some to believe, we at Real Estate of Winter Park, do know how to have some fun!!

Last Thursday night was the Grand County Installation Banquet held at Granby Ranch.  That probably does not sound like that much fun, but what made it fun was that this year there was a theme…… “Flower children of the 60’s“.  As you can see, we took that theme to heart!

At the banquet, Katie Reimenshneider was recognized for her involvement with raising awareness and money for CARHOF, which is the Colorado Association of Realtors Housing Opportunity Foundation. Jean Wolter was honored for her work with getting  our board members to donate scholarship money  for the local high school Seniors, and I received an award for 7 years of Service on the Grand County Board or Realtors, and for my involvement with local fundraising for the Mt Family Center.

It was a “Far Out” night!!