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What can a seller do to make their home look extraordinary? Often these improvements are low in costs but will considerably improve the perceived value of your home.

– Clean the house so its squeaky clean. Shine the appliances, vacuum or shampoo the carpet, polish the floors. Get dust, flies and moths out of light fixtures. Clean the windows outside and inside.

– A clean front yard makes the first impression. Trim the shrubs, weed, and mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and sweep the walkways. Make it look sharp. Plant some flowers. Close the garage door. Hide the garbage cans. Put away toys. Remove extra cars.

– Help buyers stay focused on viewing the home by de-cluttering as much as possible. Start packing all personal items that are conspicuous including family photos, nick knacks and memorabilia. Clean up countertops and remove all unnecessary items. Take your unused stuff to a recycle establishment, have a yard sale or donate it.

– Fix or repair items that are not in perfect working order. Sometimes a five-dollar repair job will leave questions in a buyer’s mind. Here is a list of some suggested quick fixes:

– Repair light switches that do not work.

– Replace light fixtures that are dated.

– Fix cabinet doors that do not work right. Adjust hinge

– Repair caulking and grout in bathroom.

– Fix leaky faucets.

– Replace or repair missing window screens.

– Paint the shutters. Paint or touch up the trim and garage doors.

– A fresh coat of paint as needed in interior rooms. Choose neutral colors.

It takes a little elbow grease and time but once you get your home cleaned and reorganized it is easy to keep it that way through out the showing process and it will help to give buyers a positive first impression.