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So, yes, I am a workaholic and unfortunately too many times I blow off going for a bike ride, going sailing or going golfing because I get wrapped up in some project at work.


This probably sounds all too familiar to some of you. Luckily for me the other day I blew off work instead and went for an afternoon bike ride. It has been a couple of years since I’ve ridden at the top of Idlewild and the Corona Pass Road area (last time there was a lot of logging going on – which wasn’t any fun).


So we made our way all the way up the Meadow Trial, crossed Corona Pass Road and then climbed a little more. The climb is a grinder but the views were AMAZING now that most of the trees are down!!  Before the logging there wasn’t much of a view, especially to the north. Now you can get a totally different perspective of how our Valley looks.


Even if you don’t mountain bike I highly recommend taking a drive up Corona Pass Road and checking out the views.  Another interesting site is all of the bright green new growth coming up in the middle of the black rings where the slash was burned.  In a couple of years I’m betting the logged out areas up there are going to be incredibly beautiful.