Did you know………..OK, so the last time we talked about Grand County’s border, we ended just north of Green Mountain Reservoir, where Grand County separated itself from Summit and Eagle Counties, and merged with Routt County’s SE corner. Here the border surrounds the lower Colorado River in the State Wildlife area near Radium, where remoteness abounds, fishing and river rafting are its finest starting out of Kremmling.
The border now runs north, encompassing much of the northern section of the Gore Range, where it meets with the COntinental Divide north of Rabbit Ears Peak (10,654 ft.). The Rabbit Ears peak can be seen (you have to really look for it) while heading north, before reaching Kremmling.

In the night sky………….
May 16th – bright, cream-colored Jupiter will be to the lower left of the Moon, as both are clearing the horizon in the morning.
17th – Now Jupiter will be closer to the right, lower right, of the Moon.
18th – Passing between the Sun and Earth, Mercury will be in inferior conjunction.
20th – Venus and Mars line up quite low in the east and first light, near the Moon. Venus, known as the ‘morning-star’, will be to the lower right of the Moon, with Mars farther along the same line.
21st – Venus will be still to the lower right of the Moon. But now , fainter Mars will be below the Moon.
29th – Regulus will be the brightest Star to the upper right of the Moon.
30th – Saturn will be to the upper left of the Moon at night fall.
31st – Now Saturn will be to the upper right of the Moon.

Whatever you do enjoying our great outdoors of all corners of Grand County, have lots of fun and BE CAREFUL.

Have a great day,

Peter Gach