Grand County’s border with Clear Cree County follows the Continental Divide to the south-southwest of Berthoud Pass toward a point, north of the Eisenhower Tunnel-Loveland Pass area, at Hager Mtn. (13195 elevation), where it disengages itself from the Continental Divide and follows the spine of Williams Fork Mountains, down towards Silverthorne, then heading north, parallel on the east side of Highway 9 towards Kremmling, to  a point where it changes directions just north of beautiful Green Mountain Reservoir westward to the north tip of the Gore Range and then……….

Looking up to the stars this month……..
April 12, Antares, the brightest star of Scorpius, hugs close to the lower left of the moon.
April 18, Jupiter really stands out to the lower left of the moon at first light, looking southeast.
April 21, If you are lucky, the Lyrid Meteor shower will be at its best.
April 22, Low in the east of first light, the Moon will pass across the face of Venus, briefly hiding the planet. Mars will congregating with Venus and the Moon as well.
April 26, Mercury and the Moon align low in the east in the west-northwest as night falls…..try binoculars to enhance view…….the Pleiades star cluster will be visible just below the Moon at that time as well.

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