Janene Johnson Broker and Owner of Real Estate of Winter Park reports on the new CodeRED system designed to assist Grand County with emergency responses.

As much as we do not want to think about it, emergencies do happen every now and then.  Up here in Grand County, Colorado, in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we are ready for anything!  Our emergency response crews, emergency medical facilities and first responders are the best in the business.  And now, we have a new system called CodeRED, which is a high volume/high speed Emergency Notification System.

You can get all of the information you need at www.gcemergency.com but here are some of the facts.

This is NOT a Reverse 911 system, which can only call a landline.  CodeRED will deliver messages to your cell phone via voice and text message while at the same time, send you an email message with the same information.  CodeRED is a “smart” system and recognizes a voicemail and will only play the message when it can be received in its entirety.  Either way, when you are on the road or away from your second home up here in the mountains, you will always have the capability of receiving important emergency information.

To register for CodeRED, go to www.gcemergency.com and scroll down to the bottom of the CodeRED section.  Then, click on the “Click Here to Sign Up” icon.

Living and playing up here in the beautiful Grand County, home to both the world-renowned Winter Park Resort and to the incredible Rocky Mountain National Park, is wonderful.  We work hard but we play hard too, all year around!  Many of our homes are owned as second homes in this resort community and this new program will surely put our homeowners’ minds at ease.  Thank you, Grand County Office of Emergency Management!

Janene Johnson is an active member of the Grand County Community. Recognized as an advocate of Colorado water and property rights and involved with the Realtor’s Legislative Policy Committee, Janene Johnson is a knowledgeable owner broker at Real Estate of Winter Park. Contact Janene today for information about the buying or selling process.