Currently on the Grand County MLS there are a total of 34 Bank Ownedproperties in the Winter Park, Granby and Grand Lake areas.

In the Winter Park area there are a total of 9 bank owned properties. Located in the Fairways at Pole Creek there are 5 vacant lots listed $125K to $250K. There are also 4 homes listed, 1 in Winter Park, 2 and Fraser and 1 in Tabernash. The prices start at $555,900 and go up to $1,090,000.

In the Granby area there are a total of 14 bank owned properties. 7 are vacant lots, all located in the Granby Ranch area, priced from $29,900 up to $232,500. There are 3 condos available in Aspen Meadows priced from $99,900 to $154,900. There are 3 homes available, 2 in downtown Granby priced at $154,500 and $269,900 and one in Grand Elk priced at $339,900. There is 1 Commercial lot listed in the Town of Granby priced at $310K.

In the Grand Lake area there are a total of 11 bank owned properties. 5 vacant lots, 3 located in Colorado Anglers Club priced from $24K to $130K, 1 in Trail Creek Estates priced at $79,900 and one in Mountain Meadows Subdivision listed for $122,500. There are 2 condos, 1 in Soda Springs Ranch priced at $54K and 1 in the Town of Grand Lake priced at $184,900. There are 4 homes available. All are located within 8 miles of the town of Grand Lake priced from $122,500 to $309,900. Add Comment