As of July 6, 2010 there are a total of 39 active, 8 sold and 12 pended Bank Owned Properties in the Winter Park, Granby and Grand Lake areas. The summary for each are as follows:

Winter Park Area Listings:

9 Active – One lot in Pole Creek Timbers listed for $250k. One home in Tabernash price reduced to $799,000. 3 townhomes in Lakota, two priced at $675K, and one priced at $699K. There is one side of a duplex in the town of Fraser listed for $375,000, and also in Winter Park for $429,900. There is one bedroom condo at Waterside West listed for $247,900, and one townhome on the ridge overlooking Fraser listed for $419K.

1 Pending -One cabin in Rendezvous listed for $570K and one home in Winter Park Ranch listed for $541,900.

5 Closed – One 3493 sq ft home sold for $530K in Winter Park Ranch on 6/11/10.  4 lots at the Fairways at Pole Creek sold on 6/18/10 for $70K, What a steal!

Granby Area Listings:

18 Active – 5 vacant lots, 3 located in the Granby Ranch area, priced from $12,900 up to $104,500, one in Grand Elk priced at $39K and The Village at Arrowhead a portion of Grand Elk that is developable for $2,262,000.  There are 2 condos available, one in Aspen Meadows priced at $92,900 and one in River Run Condos listed at $164,900. There are 2 townhomes available in the Village at Horseshoe Creek, (in Grand Elk), priced at $299K and $400k. There are 8 homes available, 3 in downtown Granby priced from $135K to $249,000, one in Riverside at Grand Elk for $277k, one in Bussey Hills north of Granby for $173,250, 2 in the Granby Ranch area priced at $322K and $364K and one in Val Moritz at $528,900. There is one Commercial lot listed in the Town of Granby priced at $310K.

4 Pending – One home in downtown Granby listed at $184,900.  One Lot in Innsbruck Val Moritz listed for $35K, one commercial restaurant on Main Street in downtown Granby listed at $195K and one 2 bedroom condo at Aspen Meadows listed for $134,900.

1 Closed – A cabin in Granby Ranch listed at $320K sold on 6/18/10 for $310K.

Grand Lake Area Listings:

6 Active –  4  vacant lots, 2 located in Colorado Anglers Club priced at $22K, one in Trail Creek Estates priced at $59K and one at in Mountain Meadows priced at 94K. There are 2 homes available both are located within 10 miles of the town of Grand Lake priced at $189K.

1 Pending – Located on Cty Rd. 49 listed for $189,900.

2 Closed – A one bedroom condo at Soda Springs Tennis Club closed on 6/30/10 at $43K and a 2174 sq. ft. log home on County Rd. 4391 just above Soda Springs sold for $300K on 6/23/10.