Every year I look forward to the first Monday and March, and this year was no exception!  It’s a day like few others for me throughout the year.

A day with no cell phones, no email, and no talk about the Winter Park Real Estate market or interest rates.

There are no worries or talk of the struggling economy, or the declining stock market.

A day where I am surrounded by people that truly believe in what they are doing, and with every ounce of energy that they can muster, do it to the best of their abilities. A day filled with huge smiles, positive attitudes, constant words of encouragement, and a true feeling of accomplishment.  A day where I get thanked profusely at the end of the day, when in reality I feel like I am that one that should be doing the thanking.

A day that really helps me to keep it all in perspective

It’s the day that I get to volunteer for the Regional meet for the Colorado Winter Special Olympics, held at Sol Vista Ski Basin in Grand County, Colorado.