Get your bike tuned up for the 2009 Winter Park Mountain Bike Series!  The first race to kick off the summer is the Hill Climb on June 13th.  It’s a 5.3 mile steady uphill (click here for a map of the course).  They tell you at the starting line that “If at any point you’re going donwhill, you made a wrong turn!”  This race always seems to be dreaded for those of us that are not in great shape yet – that was me last year!  I will not let that happen this year.  I am working hard to beat my time of just over 1:06.  I want to do it close to 53 minutes.  I will let you know how it goes race day!  In the mean time, I will be riding The Phases, back roads & down in the Front Range until more of the snow melts.

Register for the Series or just for the Hill Climb click here.  There’s a discount if you register for the entire series by May 25th!  And be sure to pre-register if you’re just doing one race, it’ll save you $10!