Well another ski season is fading away in the rear view mirror.

Once again the Winter Park resort ended the ski season with a sunny fun filled Spring Splash.  Bands played while contestants in funny costumes tried their best to skim across the man made pond and not end up soaked and freezing for the remainder of the day.

With over 30” inches of snow the two days prior to Spring Splash, everyone one was is a good mood and ready to have fun. People ate burgers, drank copious amounts of beer and soaked up the sunshine.

I always find the end of the ski season to be a conflicting time. On one hand I look forward with excitement and enthusiasm for the summer to come, on the other I can’t help but wish for just one more sunny snow filled day on the mountain. But such is the give and take of living in a town with so much to offer in all seasons.

Passes for the 09/10 season are already on sale and the Super Pass which includes Winter Park, Copper Mountain, and Steamboat is being offered at $399.00, $40 less then last year. Act fast because this discounted price is only available till April 24th. For more info please click here.

In the meantime, its time to put the winter clothes away, get out the flip flops and shorts, and get ready to mountain bike. Winter Park is Mountain Bike Capital USA!