Here are the 20 Metropolitan Areas with the HIGHEST and LOWEST rates of house price appreciation from June 2013-2014.  Is your area on this list????  This information is provided from the FHFA website and provides data thru June 30, 2014.

Where’s the best rate of price appreciation over the last year?  Mostly in California – #1 is Modesto, CA.  And where’s the lowest?  Lima, OH is the worst, along with a lot of Midwestern areas, some east coast and some southern, too.

20 Highest

20 Lowest

Where does Colorado stand out of the 276 Metro areas?

Denver-Aurora-Lakewood – ranked #37 with a one year appreciation of 11.91

Boulder – #55.  Rate: 9.60

Fort Collins – #60.  Rate: 9.03

Greeley – #62.  Rate 9.0

Colorado Springs – #118.  Rate: 4.07

Grand Junction – #164.  Rate: 2.68

Pueblo – #263.  Rate: 0.63

The good news here is that all of the areas, except Pueblo, have positive rates of appreciation.